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Industrial Doors

Safeguarding your Essex business from external threats is essential. Yet, at times, we require hardware, such as industrial doors, to deliver on a dual purpose. Interior fire safe doors from Lockdown Shutters Ltd can buy you invaluable time in the event of a fire, while simultaneously deterring intruders.

Guard against internal and external threats in Essex with industrial doors

Industrial doors are often installed to add an additional level of security to the workplace. Proven to deter intruders and withstand any attempted forced entry, robust steel industrial doors are a worthwhile investment.

As well as offering optimum security, industrial fire safe doors can also keep staff and assets safe should a fire start at any time. While fire incidents can arise in any workspace, our steel interior fire safe doors are especially suited to warehouses and other industrial buildings.

Capable of containing fire to the smallest of areas, our fire safe industrial doors will minimise the impact of such an adverse event. Outbreaks of fire needn’t overwhelm and destruct the entirety of your property, thanks to interior fire safe industrial doors from Lockdown Shutters.

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