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PVC Curtains

Industrial doors, shutter, security gates, at Lockdown Shutters we’re often called upon to improve security and restrict unauthorised access in Essex. Yet, there are often times when open internal access is an operational requirement. In times like these, our industrial PVC curtains offer an ideal solution.

Promote productivity with PVC strips from Lockdown Shutters Ltd.

In warehouses and factories, there is often a need to separate workspaces, but without sacrificing ease of movement and accessibility in transitioning. Factors such as cross-contamination, dust pollution, and temperature control all indicate a need for segregated work areas.

Industrial plastic curtains create a consistent open door solution. Forget opening and closing doors! The PVC curtains allow for employees and equipment to pass through easily and efficiently while preventing issues such as dust, fumes, noise, draft, and pests.

Practical and cost-efficient, Lockdown Shutters Ltd supply and install made to measure industrial plastic strips for industrial and private clients in Essex. Depending on requirements, we are able to provide static or sliding variants of our industrial PVC curtains in a range of colours. Simply choose the PVC strips that best meet your business needs.

At a time convenient to your company, we will arrange to deliver and fit your PVC curtains. Using the integrated welded loops, they will be suspended with the desired overlap.

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A strip curtain allows employees and machinery to move around easily and increases productivity in the workplace.

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