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Anti-Ram Raid Gates

After a lifetime of experience in the industry, at Lockdown Shutters Ltd we design and manufacturer premium-security building gates. We know exactly what it takes. Offering an exclusive anti ram barrier design, brought to you, by us, Lockdown Shutters’ anti ram raid gates are the very best you can get.

Guard against high-scale raids in Essex with our anti ram raid gates

Initially, our steel gates were created as a secondary security measure. Working alongside our industrial shutter doors, a building barrier would provide an additional level of security. Yet, they quickly became a fundamental piece of security hardware.

Warehouses and other industrial properties in Essex, and across the country, often fall victim to snatch style raids. During such incidents, criminals typically ram their vehicles into industrial shutters, with extreme force, to raid the business of its assets.

In such cases, businesses owners not only lose what is stolen, but also suffer the consequence of damage to the property itself. Installing an anti ram barrier in front of shutters and other industrial doors is proven to prevent ramming and raiding.

No matter your business requirements, Lockdown Shutters Ltd can design bespoke building gates and barriers for your business. Our models consistently surpass client expectations.



At Lockdown Shutters Ltd, Essex, we do much more than doors! Our aim is to keep your property safe and secure, protecting it from intrusion. With that in mind, it’s simply good business sense that we offer a line of industrial barriers.

Whether you want to control vehicle or pedestrian access, Lockdown Shutters design and install steel barriers to your required specifications.

Control access in Essex with barriers from Lockdown Shutters

The purpose of steel barriers is to provide an additional level of access control. In essence, they protect whatever they are placed around. No need is too great or small. We supply a wide range of barriers to suit myriad industrial objectives.

Crash barriers can be placed, precisely, around delicate indoor heaters to protect against collision in forklift areas. In contrast, large automated, industrial barriers can be installed externally to manage access to sites, and help instigate effective traffic management systems.

Whatever you want to protect, whatever the road width, whatever the environment, keep it secure with steel barriers from Lockdown Shutters.

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Anti-Ram Raid Gates & Barriers in Essex




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