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Let’s face it the last thing we really want to spend our hard earned money on is a garage door! it’s not the most exciting thing in the world, however let’s consider this.. many people in Brentwood have garage doors that are a number of years old, and some people have even got broken garage doors that they prop up with old broom sticks when they’re trying to get into them! Do you have a garage door like this ?But here’s the problem did you know that if you have a garage attached to your house it can, if not maintained properly couldbe a security risk to your house.

Many break-ins occur when would be thieves get into a house through a broken garage  door,  so when you consider this perhaps since were thinking about actually having a new roller shutter garage door fitted in Brentwood to your property and the beauty about us here at Lockdown Shutters Ltd is that should you have a brand new garage door fitted by us we also give you the opportunity to take out one of our small maintenance contracts so that your garage door will always be fully functional and add the security you desire to your main residence. Lockdown Shutters have been fitting new roller garage doors across Brentwood for several years. Do have a look at our gallery here of some of the garage doors we have fitted.

Lockdown Shutters Ltd carry out commercial and domestic roller garage door fitting across Essex and we would encourage you to look at our roller garage door page so you can decide whether a modern roller garage shutter door would improve the curb appeal and add the security to your property.


Save Energy With A New Garage Door

If you have a broken garage door that is attached to a house with lose panels and gaps top and bottom or down the sides in the wintertime your garage will effectively turn into a freezer. With all the icy cold wind blowing into the garage this will then filter through into the main part of your home be it through a door that gives you access to the garage from within or the fact that you are going to have cold air blowing against the brickwork of the room that is attached to the garage. So by adding a new garage door that is fully insulated this will eliminate this problem and with the increase of energy bills it may be time to consider replacing that old broken garage door.

Garage Door Safety Checks And Maintenance

Lockdown Shutters Ltd also offer garage door safety checks, to give you piece of mind, in addition we do offer client maintenance contracts on their garage doors. Repair services are carried out by our skilled engineers who can complete the full spectrum of garage door repair services such as spring repair, complete garage door repair, including new cables, spring rollers, weather stripping, tracks and more. So if you do have a garage door that is jamming when you try to shut it it may be worth enquiring about our repair service.

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