Lattice Gates & Burglar Bars

Lattice Gates In ESSEX

At Lockdown Shutters Ltd, we pride ourselves on supplying and installing industry-tailored, bespoke security hardware. Overflowing with stock, computers, and other expensive equipment, we know that commercial environments in Essex are extremely appealing to burglars. Lattice gates, or security grilles, can protect your property against this threat.

Protect workplace windows and doors

with lattice gates


Lattice gates, otherwise known as security grilles, have a fence-like appearance. Particularly suited to office and retail settings, the crisscross pattern of the steel panels is exceptionally designed. While acting as a visual deterrent to intruders, lattice gates do not restrict light flow and are particularly easy on the eye.

Use of lattice gates during operating hours will, in no way, present as an eye sore or an obstruction. That being said, our versatile window security grilles are fitted to slide away or fully retract during the day, if desired.

Available to fit all commercial windows and doors in Essex, Lockdown Shutters’ security grilles are made to measure. Taking into account your working environment, we can also offer a range of designs and colours to suit your style preferences.

Burglar Bars In ESSEX

Shutters and doors may well be our apparent speciality. Yet, at Lockdown Shutters Ltd, Essex, we offer myriad flexible solutions to secure all entryways, including window burglar bars.

Simple, unobtrusive, and cost effective, window bars visually and physically deter break-in attempts, significantly reducing the risk of burglary.

Installing Burglar Bars in Essex & Surroundings

Secure your windows and doors

with Lockdown Shutters’ window burglar bars

Windows bars work really quite simply. When placed over any accessible Essex windows, they block access, creating multiple small segments of space, through which no human could possibly enter.

Alongside their proven ability to keep out intruders, the presence of window bars will cause no interruption to the day-to-day running of your business. The design ensures no detriment to indoor visibility, with light still free to find its way into the inside space.

We provide bespoke burglar bars to prevent forcible entry in Essex

From window prison bars to security grilles, all products across this range are available in standard and bespoke sizes. Securing windows and doors against potential burglars, we specifically stock and supply made to measure window bars and security grilles.

Made from robust, durable steel, the beauty of window bars is very much down to their design. As to not cause offence to the eye, they can be coloured to coordinate with your business brand palette.

In fact, multi-lock grilles can even work as a whimsical window feature for an attractive Essex store.

Burglar Bars in Essex


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