Garage Doors Canvey Island


Welcome to Lockdown Shutters the place where we can install a brand new roller garage door in Canvey Island for you. If you are looking to replace your old fashioned, out of date, dented battered up and over garage door then Lockdown Shutters can install a brand new roller shutter garage door on Canvey Island for you within a matter of days. Do you have a look at our roller garage door section here on our website to give you an idea of different styles that we can create for you.

Gain More Space With A Roller Shutter Garage Door

There are many reasons why people have a new roller garage shutter door fitted, it may be that you’re looking to utilize more space on your driveway so you can get maybe two or three cars on it now rather than parking right up against the garage door, which means if you have an old up and over garage door obviously you can’t open the garage door with a car parked right up against it.With a roller shutter garage door which just goes straight up into the mechanism at the top of the door you can park your car as close to the garage door as you like, therefore creating more space on your drive for more cars, ideal if you’ve got a young teenage family growing up who have just started to drive and have their own vehicles that they want to park on the drive, this of course will also reduce their insurance premiums.

WhyFit A New Roller Shutter Garage Door On Canvey Island?

Security is a big problem in the world we live in today and if you have a house attached to a garage generally the statistics tell us that a lot of break-ins happen through the garage door, therefore it’s possible that your old up and over garage door is a security issue to your home as the would-be thieves get through the old garage door and then go into the house by the door that is linked to the garage, so if you allow us to advise you and to fit a new roller garage shutter door in Canvey Island we can alleviate this security problem for you giving you greater peace of mind for your home and family protection.

We Also Repair Garage Doors

In addition to installing new roller shutter garage doors we also repair garage doors. So if you have decided that right now you do not have the budget for a new modern roller shutter garage door and your old style up and over garage door has fallen off the hinges or you have bent the runners and it’s stiff to pull up and down, then why not contact us today through our website here and arrange a time for us to come and assess how we can repair it for you to make the mechanism work more smoothly. If the garage door is beyond repair we can tell you and show you where and why, this way you will have an informed decision as to your next step, do you patch it up for now or replace with a new roller shutter garage door on Canvey Island !