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Thank you for visiting our website we assume by coming to this page you are looking for a new roller garage door in the Castle Point area of Essex. Lockdown Shutters offer a variety of new garage doors in a variety of colours with the space-saving roller shutter mechanism to all domestic customers within this area. Do you have a look at the variety of styles and colours that we offer on our garage doors page here.

Your New Garage Door In Castle Point Essex

There are many reasons as to why you are possibly looking for a new garage door in the Castle point area. One simply maybe the curb appeal of a roller shutter garage door against an old style up and over garage door. Another reason maybe that you’re looking to save space on your driveway to add another car space as with a new roller shutter garage door your cars can park up considerably closer to it than an old style up and over garage door therefore allowing more space on your driveway. We are often asked to fit new roller shutter garage doors in Castle Point because homeowners either change the colour of the front door of their property and would like a new garage door to match or they may have had their house rendered in a certain colour and again they would like a new garage door the same colour or a contrasting colour to the render on the property. 

A New Garage Door Can Add Security To Your Home

Did you know that your garage door can add or take away security to your home. If you have an old garage door it could be quite easily penetrable by would-be thieves getting into your home if your garage is attached to the side of your property. There is a lot of statistical data that suggests that would be thieves get through the garage door and then enter properties via the adjoining door with the garage and the house, therefore if you fit a new roller shutter garage door in Castle point  you’re adding security to your home stopping would-be undesirables from entering your property. 

We Offer Garage Door Maintenance

If you are considering a new roller shutter garage door, but are not sure whether to keep your old garage door, we also offer safety checks as well as garage-door maintenance to make sure that your current garage door is functioning properly. Our repair services are carried out by our skilled engineers who can competently complete the full spectrum of garage door repair services such as spring repair, complete garage door repair, including new cables, spring rollers, weather stripping, tracks and more. Garage doors are designed to provide a secure entrance into your garage and even your home, keeping out the elements of the weather and providing a dry secure area.  Whether you are using your garage to store your car, motorbike or possessions a fully functioning garage door will keep your belongings out of site, safe and secure. Ensuring that your garage door is regularly maintained and operating as it should will ensure an added level of security for the home is retained and give you the home owner peace of mind when they leave the house unattended or sleep at night. 

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So If you have decided that you would like a new garage door fitted in Castle Point or you would like to discuss this in more detail call us today or contact us through the website here. We look forward to hearing from you.