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Are you thinking about having a new garage door installed? Here at Lockdown Shutters we realise that replacing a garage door is certainly a big decision for any home owner, we have been fitting garage doors in Billericay for a number of years, however there are several good reasons that you might not have considered as to why it definitely makes sense to replace a garage door.

If you’re current garage door hasn’t been replaced in sometime it might be showing signs of age. Perhaps it was inherited from the previous homeowner, who may have not considered how the addition of a modern door will add an element of style and sophistication to the property, do have a look at some examples of our work here.

A New Garage Door Increases Your Curb Appeal

Regardless of increasing the aesthetic appeal of the property, an old and uninspiring garage door can impact the desirability of the property should you come to sell it. Let's face it the garage door is typically a prominent feature of any house as it is highly visible from the street. By replacing a creaking old garage door with one that is quiet and elegant, like our roller shutter garage doors, you will unquestionably add to the wow factor and completely change the character of any property, so its certainly worth considering having a new garage door in Billericay.

Safety is also something that people fail to fully appreciate with regards to a new garage door and if you’re looking to have a garage door in Billericay fitted then this could be worth thinking about, your current garage door, after being opened and closed thousands of times over its lifetime can pose a potential safety risk. The more cycles that the door goes through the weaker the major components become. If the door isn’t fitted with good quality components or it isn’t regularly maintained there is the possibility that something will break. I am sure that you definitely don’t want to be under an open door when a spring breaks!

A New Garage Door Could Add Energy Efficiency

Depending on the configuration of your house energy efficiency could also be something to bear in mind when you are questioning whether you can justify a new garage door. An old door may have loose panels and worn-out parts that will effectively create a walk-in freezer. Do you really want this if it is attached to your house? Just think about the rooms that are either adjoining or above the garage and the heat that is probably being pulled through those walls. With a new modern insulated garage door fitted it will help to seal your garage and should go some ways to keep your house warmer in the depths of winter.

A New Garage Door Can Add Security

Personal security is something else to think about when you ponder replacing your old, ill-fitting garage door. Warn components and locks mean that you have a weak link in your home security. A big proportion of home invasions occur through garage doors and most through old ones. Modern garage doors will add an extra dimension to your home security. For example, an insulated, steel door that has an access code to control the automatic opener is something that the average burglar is just not going bother trying to get through and will most definitely give you a greater peace of mind at night.

As you can see there are a variety of valid reasons to have a new garage door in Billericay installed and at Lockdown Shutters Ltd we are able to professionally install, supply and maintain a wide range of quality and stylish garage doors that will suit any house. Feel free to call us today or contact us through the website here.