New Garage Doors Upminster

NEW Garage Doors IN Upminster

If you are searching for a new garage door in Upminster Lockdown Shutters can certainly help you. Did you know that we also offer maintenance contracts on all the new garage doors that we fit and we would recommend to you our new range of roller shutter garage doors that you can see here. We have been fitting garage doors across Essex for many years so do feel free to contact us so that we can discuss exactly what you are considering. And if you are thinking I would really like to have my old up and over garage door repaired this is also a service that we offer.

What Are the Benefits Of A New Garage Door

There are many benefits to having a new garage door fitted, some are listed below,  from simple convenience to adding curb appeal to your home. Some people have contacted us in the past simply to colour co -ordinate their garage door with their newly applied resin(to add a contrasting colour) or to match their new coloured UPVC double glazing.

  • We can install an electric garage door, so ease of entry within the winter months
  • All our garage doors are fully insulated. Very beneficial to energy bills if you garage is attached to the side of your home.
  • Space saving on your drive as now you can park an additional vehicle right up to the garage door.
  • Corrosion resistant so maintenance is limited.
  • Adds security to your possessions and home
  • Added curb appeal for your property.

Would You Like Added Security?

The national statistics tell us that if you have a garage attached to the side of your property then you have a higher chance of being broken into. Would be thieves generally find that garage doors have very little security, so they get into your garage first and then generally through the door that adjoins your main property. So if we fit a new roller shutter garage door it will also come with additional locks if you so wish to add more security to your property. We would also recommend advising your home insurance company if you do decide to have a new secure garage door fitted as this may lower your premium. Again it may be worth giving us a call to discuss the additional and standard security options that come with fitting a new garage door.

How Do You Contact Us

If you feel that we could be the company to fit your new garage door in Upminster or if you would like some more information on security or the insulating properties of our productsthen its time to have an initial conversation with us. You can call us on 01375 643689 or feel free to text or watts app us on mobile number 07872 055625 or you can email us. All our contact details are on the ‘Contact’ page on our website here. We look forward to helping you.