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Let’s be honest with each other buying a new garage door is not on the top of your priority list, we fully understand that it’s not the sexiest coolest thing you could be spending your money on, however what you need to be considering is why you are buying a new garage door, is it the fact that your old garage door is hanging off its hinges and needs replacing?  Is it the fact that you’re looking for something more modern and stylish to add curb appeal to your property? Is the old up and over garage door hanging and getting jammed, do you having to keep fighting with it every time you open and close it?  Is it the fact that you’re looking to modernise your property perhaps you’ve had the outside of your property rendered and you’d like a new colour to compliment that render on your garage door or is it the fact that you are considering a new garage door because of security issues and you want more security for your home. All these issues are valid reasons for purchasing a new garage door in Maldon and there are probably many more. We at Lockdown Shutters Ltd would be happy to discuss all of the above with you, but in the first instance, yes, we can help you to fit a new up to date modern garage door and we would encourage you to have a look at some of our recent work here.

Lockdown Shutters Ltd Can Install Or Repair Your Garage Door in Rochford

When it comes to new Garage doors installed or replacement parts fitted to your existing garage doors Lockdown Shutters Ltd can help with both residential and commercial installations, we also offer our services for Industrial Roller Shutter Doors as well.  Our extensive knowledge of all makesand models of garage doors ensures that our service for garage doors in Rochford can provide you with the most appropriate and reliableproduct at a very affordable price. Our Garage Door installations are designed to last! We specialise in Garage Door repairs as well as Garage Door upgrades and refurbishment. Our engineers can inspect any garage door and advise on any general faults or problems,in addition to recommending a solution to ensure that your Garage Door is working optimally for years to come. A good garage door will last decades, we recognize this and realize that every garage door is slightly different, so one of our knowledgeable sales staffs would be more than happy to check details like the opening size and shape, headroom and side clearance, and even help you make design and specification decisions.

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How old is your garage door in years? Has it seen better times? If your garage is related to your home’s main structure or is situated outside the property, it can pose a security risk to your home and/or your belongings. When you think about replacing your outdated garage door, security is another item to consider. Locks and warning parts indicate that your home security system has a weak spot. Did you know that the majority of burglaries—particularly via the old-style up-and-over garage doors —occur through the garage door itself? Your home security will be enhanced with modern roller garage doors. For instance, the ordinary burglar won’t bother trying to break through an insulated, steel door with an access code to control the automatic opener, which will undoubtedly give you more peace of mind at night and their could be insurance benefits to you as well.

Could A New Garage Door In Maldon increase the Energy Efficiency Of Your Home?

Depending on how your home is set up, you may also want to consider energy efficiency when deciding whether or not a new garage door is necessary. Unstable panels, a misfitting door with gaps down the side and worn-out components on an old garage door may function as a walk-in freezer, given that it is affixed to your home. Just consider the heat that is likely being drawn through the walls of the rooms that are either adjacent to or above the garage. With a brand-new, modern, insulated garage door installed, your garage will be better sealed, which should assist in keeping your home warmer through the worst of the winter. With all our new garage doors we also offer maintenance packages to ensure that your garage door is always working efficiently.

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If you have had a read of the information above and decided that its time to fit that new garage door then it is time to get in contact with us. You can call us on 01375 643689 or you can email us on all our contact information is contained on our website here.